Unitepeople is a company devoted to empowering communities through the use of urban farming.


Why Urban Farming

Almost 1 billion people on this planet don’t have access to safe, sustainable, organic foods. At the same time obesity and health related issues are sky rocketing .. Learn more


With each donation, we’re able to invest in  our urban farms  working towards empowerment. Donate and be apart of the vision .

Where We Empower

Unitepeople has two programs: local and national . Both help those in poverty. Learn more.


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LA Backyard expansion .

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We had an amazing time expanding out LA backyard program . All compost was donated by our amazing friends at Malibu Compost. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave...

Unitepeople Fall 2013 Fundraiser

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  We had an amazing Fall 2013 fundraiser!  Raising over $750 toward our LA backyard farming program . Thank you to all those who came ! Especially our partners Malibu...

Battle City LA Partnership with Unitepeople

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Unitepeople is happy to support BattlecityLA and their efforts to rehabilitate and empower oppressed women.  Unitepeople’s Backyard Farming program donated their winter harvest of mustard greens, kale, collards, arugula, broccoli...

Unitepeople Featured on Sopolitical News

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  A look at the Cost of Government Surveillance, Pills Monitoring Body, UnitePeople.org, DARPA Humanoid Robot, and Pepsi Carcinogens.